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Serving Laurel and Howard County
Serving Laurel and Howard County
(410) 442-0442
12630 Frederick Rd.
West Friendship, MD 21794
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Don't be stuck with plumbing disasters! Call Kastner Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for all your plumbing services, repairs, and replacement needs. Frozen pipes, damaged water lines, drain clogs, cracked outside faucets, water heater repair or sump pump installations. We have service trucks in your neighborhood right now and can be there right away to fix all your plumbing problems.

Don't let a small leak lead to big water bills! Even small leaks, drips, or occasionally running toilets can lead to bigger problems. Ask us how to correct these plumbing problems and help save you money!

Plumbing Services

  • sump pump installation
  • Well pump repairs/replacements
  • sewage ejector pump service and installation
  • backup/secondary water powered and battery sump pumps
  • water heater repair and replacements
  • toilet leaks/runs
  • lavatory/ bathroom upgrades 
  • kitchen, lavatory faucet repairs and upgrades
  • garbage disposal repairs and replacements
  • Water treatment systems
  • water softeners/neutralizers
  • sediment filters/RO filters
  • UV lights

  • gas/gas line repair/ reroute/ hookup
  • drain repair/reroute/hookup
  • winterize pipes
  • plumbing code corrections, code upgrades